Trademark Protection

We offer the most complete screening protection available for your trademark through our service which is backed by 15 years of experience.  You can expect to benefit from the following when we screen your trademark.

Our Screening Services

  • Complete coverage of federal marks. This coverage is actually more current and complete than is available from the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office web site!
  • Coverage of trademarks registered in the 48 contiguous states.This is particularly important for any product or service advertised on the Internet.
  • Common law usage protection. This means we will look for marks in the market place that have not been executed through the federal and state trademark registration systems, but are in use commercially.
  • Thorough screening of similarities to your trademark. It is important for you to know of any uses, registered as a trademark or not, that are similar to your mark, or even suggestive of it. We offer that kind of protection.
  • Output from the screening with a cover report. Your report describes coverage of the screening as well as a discussion of results.

Our Screening Sources

To provide you with the fullest protection possible, we run your trademark through the following premier sources:

  • Thomson & Thomson’s federal and state trademark screening system
  • Thomson & Thomson’s international trademark screening system when applicable
  • Dun & Bradstreet and other company databases
  • Over 500 databases covering all major publications in the United States
  • Internet web sites and domain names

Discover why you should not rely upon the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office web site for a complete trademark screening. View our Trademark Tipsheet.

Logos & Design Searches

Our system also covers logos and designs.  We can search on design elements of trademarks, such as “ARROWS” or “GLOBES” or specific colors, to identify trademarks that may look like your mark.

Company Name Searches

You may want to know if the company name you have chosen is in use.  Our service covers you on that as well.   We will check our large collection of company directories and full text magazines and newspapers for appearances of your company name.