Services & Products

Research Wizard services and products are designed to bring you current and comprehensive information and to provide you with thorough and reliable research.

We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Information Gathering
  • Literature Reviews
  • Patent & Trademark Screenings
  • Data Collection
  • Document Retrieval

We invite you to visit our special areas of focus, where you will find out more about the following.

  • Competitor Intelligence - Extensive sources for tracking your competitor's activities
  • Customer Prospecting - Find new prospects easily with our extensive company databases
  • Market Research - The information you need to accurately target your markets
  • Industry Analysis - Surveys and detailed reports on thousands of industries
  • Trademark Protection - Complete range of trademark screening services
  • Products & Processes - Technical information to improve your company's production or delivery of service
  • Data-Direct & Mapping - Business indicators, demographics and other data delivered to you
  • International Markets - Current awareness of competitor operations and market trends
  • Research-on-Demand - Research is our specialty.¬† You select the topic.