Products & Processes

We can help you find the technical information you need for your manufacturing operation.  Our specialized databases focus on manufacturing using materials such as METALS, PLASTICS & RUBBER, CERAMICS, TEXTILES & PAPER.

Broad Industry Coverage

Our sources cover all industries, with special emphasis on the following:

  • Petroleum & Geology
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Food Science
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Chemistry

Production Problems & Solutions

Manufacturers deal with a wide range of production issues on a daily basis. There are safety and quality control concerns and the efforts that must be made to achieve both efficiency and profitability. Our services help address these issues through the following types of resources"

  • Standards, Specifications, & Tests
  • Federal, State & Local Regulations
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Government & Industry Technical Papers & Reports
  • Patents & Intellectual Property

Patents contain valuable information for designers, developers and manufacturers of products. We offer the resources and services of a patent depository library as well as a complete set of patent databases and searching tools.

The full text of all patents back to 1971 is searchable, which means that any word or combination of words that appear anywhere in those patents can be used to find them. Such a strategy dramatically increases successful retrieval of key patents.

In addition to patent searches by type of invention, we can also locate the following:

  • Foreign Patents
  • Cited Patents
  • All Patents Owned by a Company