Market Research

We can supply the numbers and background information to inform, guide and support your marketing plan or business strategy.

Market Research Specialties

Our sources contain most of the information you need to make good marketing decisions. Some of our specialty areas include the following:

  • Local, state, and national demographic & economic data
  • Market statistics on production, consumption and sales
  • Current health of the market
  • Forecast for demand and projected trends
  • Identification of market leaders

Published Market Studies

We can identify full text published reports that are available for your market. You have the option of purchasing the report in full, or you may take advantage of databases that allow us to search reports which could cost thousands of dollars, and take only the information you need at a fraction of the cost. Here is a partial listing of the market report publishers we have.

  • Multext Analyst Reports
  • Investext Analyst Reports
  • Datamonitor Market Research
  • Frost & Sullivan Market Intelligence
  • Freedonia Market Research


We will make personal and confidential contact with industry experts and trade and professional associations to gather market information on your behalf.

Market Research Mapping

Let us map your markets for you with our Geographic Information System (GIS) technology that takes information and turns it into maps.  Our maps will reveal strategic information about your markets in formats designed to accompany your market presentations and published reports.  We can deliver your custom maps to you both as interactive PDF files and in large format prints up to 42” wide.