Competitor Intelligence

When you need to know about your competitors, our resources will take you beyond the Internet. You will benefit from our far-reaching information system that covers the FULL TEXT of more than 6,000 newswires, newspapers, magazines, trade journals and industry newsletters – both current and historical.

Find Out About...

  • New products your competitors are developing or launching
  • Advertising strategies your competitors are using to attract customers
  • Growth and expansion activities of your competitors, such as new plants being built, movement into new regions, mergers, acquisitions, and IPO’s

Extensive Tracking Services Cover...

  • News and information on both foreign competitors and U. S. competitors with operations overseas
  • Current and historical news about competitors from their hometown newspapers
  • Patent, trademark and copyright registrations filed by or granted to competitors
  • Dun & Bradstreet reports, including credit reports and payment analysis reports
  • Histories of operations, officer biographies and financials on private companies
  • Complete full text indexing and searching of public company filings

Competitor Mapping

Let us map your competitors for you with our Geographic Information System (GIS) technology that takes information and turns it into maps.  Our maps give you a visual image of where your competition is located and concentrated.  We can deliver your custom maps to you both as interactive PDF files and in large format prints up to 42” wide.